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Reporting a Visual/Graphic Bug

Before submitting a visual bug; first, let's make sure your computer drivers are up to date. It's possible the bug isn't a bug at all and is associated with your computer. 

Or it could be there's a bug; but that's only affecting certain individuals with the same computer spec (graphic cards, etc.). 

Please check out NVIDIA's driver download page for the latest drivers for your GPU.

For AMD (Radeon) - 
Please check out AMD driver download page for the latest drivers:

If your drivers are up to date and you're still seeing the visual error; please contact us with the following:

- Short description of the visual bug 
- Steps that to reproduce the error/bug
- When did you first occur this incident? 
- Where did it happen?
- Name of NPC/Quest (if bug related to the Quest/NPC)
- Name, coordinates and difficulty level of the instance (if bug related to the Dungeon)
- Class and type of the body (if bug related to the character)
- Please attach any screenshots or video footage that can help demonstrate the issue. *

We also need game logs and diagnostic data and logs in order to identify the source of the issue.

To gather diagnostic data, please, open Revelation Online page in My.com Game Center, press green arrow near the "Play" button and choose "Collect diagnostic data." All files will be gathered automatically.

*You can make the screenshot using the game by pressing Print Screen key on your keyboard.
The screenshot will appear in "MyGames\Revelation Online\screenshot" folder.
Do not hide your interface.
Note: it would be helpful if you will open System Tab of the chat before you take a screenshot.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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