How to keep Skyforge up-to-date on the PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 offers the ability to keep your game and system automatically up to date! This is known as “Rest Mode” which will install all PlayStation updates when placed in “Rest Mode”.  
Enabling the Automatic Download & Install feature for PlayStation 4 will allow you to do the following while in Rest Mode:
  - Featured Content:  Automatically download featured content while the PS4 is turned on or is in rest mode. 
  - System Software Update Files:  Automatically download system software update files while the PS4 is turned on or is in rest mode.
  - Install Automatically:  Automatically installs system software update files while the PS4 is in rest mode. Your progress in any suspended applications might be lost.
  - Application Update Files:  Automatically download application update files when the PS4 is turned on. These files can be downloaded in rest mode for PlayStation Plus members.
  - Saved Data:  Automatically upload saved data while the PS4 is turned on or in rest mode. This feature requires online storage which is available only to PlayStation Plus members.
  - Rest Mode: Leave your PS4 in rest mode to allow automatic downloads and uploads to take place when you’re not using the system.
  - Automatic Download: we invite you to visit the official PlayStation Homepage for instructions on how to enable this feature:
      - United States
      - Europe

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.