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My account has been compromised

If you’ve fallen victim of a “Compromised Account” please review the following information: 

Why is securing my account important?

To prevent unauthorized access to the account, it is crucial that each account owner secures the integrity of the account. Every user is personally responsible for all activity that transpires on the account. Regardless what transpires, it is up to the account owner to ensure that all private data (username, email, and password) remain safe and secure at all times.

For helpful insight and information with protecting the integrity the account, we invite you to review our General Security Recommendations Support Page

My account has been breached and my items are stolen. Can I have them back?

My.com is not responsible for actions performed by the account. Therefore, any unwanted behavior that transpires on the account cannot and will not be accommodated by My.com. The My.com representatives will only be responsible for assisting the account owner with securing and regaining access to the account in question. 

Please review our EULA (End User License Agreement) and ToU (Terms of Use) and Account Sharing for in-depth information regarding our policies. 

My account is currently suspended. Why?

This is the first step to prevent unwanted tampering to the account; we reserve the right to suspend the account to allow our Specialists to analyze and complete a thorough investigation before allowing access. 

If the account has been suspended by a My.com representative, such cases would require the owner of the account to initiate and proceed with the following actions:

1. Change the My.com account credentials and password associated with the bound E-mail address.
2. Prepare the account ownership records and information.

Please note the Account Administration team may require additional information before releasing the account for you to play when account sharing is reported.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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My account has been compromised

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