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How I can save my game progress on another device?

  • Android
  • If your game was linked to an account in Facebook, you have to log into the game on the new device and reconnect to the previously used Facebook account.

    If your game is not linked to an account in Facebook, then to continue playing on another device while maintaining progress is necessary:

    1. Connect the game to your Facebook account at your current device  (via the menu in the game).
    2. Log into the game on the new device and connect the previously used Facebook page.

  • iOS
  • If you turned on the Game Center when you were playing our game, to continue the game on the new device you can download the game and log into the same Game Center ID as before.

    If the Game Center was turned off, please use your device settings to turn it on and link it to the game. You will be able to continue your game on another device by logging into same Game Center ID.

    You may also use Facebook to save your progress — use in-game menu to link your Facebook account to the game and you'll be able to continue playing it on another device. Just link your freshly downloaded game and relink it to your Facebook account and your progress will be loaded.

  • Note that both Android and iOS users have to agree when prompted in order to save their progress via Facebook.
  • If you have any questions,
    you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.