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Installing the Browser Plugin for OBS Studio on Windows

Information regarding the installation of the Browser Plugin for OBS Studioon Windows can be found here.

Before continuing to the first step, first verify the Browser Plugin is not currently installed. The reason being is because this plugin is automatically installed with OBS Studio installation process.

Step 1): Download the OBS Plugin

The plugin can be downloaded at the official OBS website or by clicking onthe web-link here: https://github.com/kc5nra/obs-browser/releases/download/1.25/obs-browser-1.25.zip

Step 2): Install the plugin

To install the plugin, unzip the recently downloaded OBS Plugin and transfer the contents within the archive file into the OBS Studio folder (Example:C: -> Program Files -> OBS-Studio).


Now that the Browser Plugin feature is installed in the OBS Studio, you can now embed various web-pages directly to this folder.