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Configuring widgets for OBS Studio

Instructions on how to configure an alert widget intoOBS Studio while using the Browser Plugin feature can be found here.

Step 1): Locate and confirm the Browser Plugin extension has been installed.

If you’re unable to locate the plugin extension, please refer to the official OBS Studio as this extension has been included within the installation process.

Step 2): Add andconfigure the OBS Studio Widget

At the control panel under the “Alerts” sectionyou will find your unique OBS and XSplit weblink. Copy the web-link and proceedto the OBS Studio. Within the OBS Studio, locate to the “Sources” list, right-click to bring a popup menu, then select the “Add” button, finally click “BrowserSource”.

A new window will appear, continue to enter thedesired name for the new source (Example: DonationAlerts Notification Widget) then click “OK”. Continue to the “Properties” window, then enterthe weblink in the “URL” field that was previously copied from OBS andXSplit.

To make any changes to the widget’s settings, you may refer to the “Sources List” by right clicking it and selecting the “Properties” tab.


In the “Alerts” section of the control panel, select the “Add Test Notification” to have the notification appear in your OBS Studio.

To make changes to the size of the widget, edit the “Widthand Height” values found within the source properties window.