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Install CLR Browser Source Plugin for OBS Classic on Windows

This article will describe the installation of the CLR Browser SourcePlugin for OBS Classic on Windows.

Step 1): Check the necessary components

To run the plugin, you must have MS Visual C ++ Run Times installed (at least version 2013) and .NET (at least version 4.5).

You can download these programs for free directly from the official Microsoft website:

           .NET: Installer

           MS Visual C ++ Run Times: Web Installer or standalone installer


Step 2): Download the Plugin

The plugin can be downloaded at the official OBS website or by clicking onthe web-links below:

           For the 32-bit version of OBS Classic:http://catchexception.org/CBSP/CLRBrowserSourcePlugin-20140909x86.zip

           For the 64-bit version of OBS Classic:http://catchexception.org/CBSP/CLRBrowserSourcePlugin-20140909x64.zip


IMPORTANT: If you select the bit depth of the plugin, verify the bit rate of the OBS that is being used, not Windows.

Step 3): Install the plugin

Unzip the plugin file from the plugin folder belonging to your OBS Classicfolder. For example:

           For a 32-bit version of OBS Classic, this folder can be: C: -> Program Files(x86) -> OBS -> plugins.

           For a 64-bit version of OBS Classic, this folder can be: C: -> Program Files-> OBS -> plugins.


Now that you’ve successfully installed the CLR Browser Source Plugin to theOBS Classic, you can directly embed various web-pages by using this stage.