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Embedding a widget in OBS Classic

This article will describe how to embed an alert widget in OBS Classicusing the CLR Browser Source Plugin.

Step 1): Confirm the installation of the “CLR” Browser Source Plugin

The OBS Classic widget can be embedded by using the CLR Browser Source Plugin. Before proceeding, first verify the CLR BrowserSource Plugin is installed.

Step 2): Add the widget

At the control panel under the “Alerts” section you will find your unique “CLR” Browser Source Plugin web-link for XSplit. Copythis web-link and proceed to “OBS Classic” and refer to the “Sources” list.Here you will right-click for a pop-up menu to appear, select “Add”,then “CLR Browser”.

A new window will appear, continue to enter the desired name for the new source (Example: DonationAlertsNotification Widget) then click “OK”. Continue to “CLR BrowserConfiguration” window
to paste the previously copied web-link into the “URL” field.

To make any changes to the widget’s settings, you may refer to the “Sources”list by right clicking it and selecting the “Options” tab.


In the “Alerts” section of the control panel, select the “Add Test Notification” to have the notification appear inyour OBS Classic.

To make changes to the size of the widget, edit the “Widthand Height” values in the “CLR Browser Configuration” window.