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Embedding a widget in XSplit

Instructions for how to embed and configure an alert widget into the XSplit Broadcaster can be found here.

Step 1): Install AdobeFlash Player

Adobe Flash Player is necessary for the XSplit widgetto function correctly. This can be downloaded for free on Adobe’s website, but this program is required to be installed before continuing with the next step to avoid further problems.

When the program is installed, continue to the specified link to select your operating system and components prior to downloading. Proceed to download and install under NPAPI and PPAPI.

Step 2): Add the Widget

At the control panel under the “Alerts” section you will find your unique “CLR” Browser Source Plugin web-link for XSplit. Copythis web-link and procced to XSplit.

Within XSplit, locate the “Scene Source” list and click the “Add” button, select“Other”, then “Webpage URL …”.

Once complete, a new window will appear allowing you to enter the web-link that was previously copied and place this link into the “URL” field, then click “OK” to save.

To edit the widget settings, proceed to the “SceneSources” list and right click to bring up the settings menu.



In the “Alerts” section of the control panel, select the “AddTest Notification” to have the notification appear in your XSplit. However, if for some reason XSplit does not have a sound, please reinstall Adobe FlashPlayer.