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Anti-Griefing automatic suspension feature

We’ve implemented a new feature that will automatically track all friendly damage done towards allies throughout any given time; while applying the appropriate Code of Conduct sanction onto the account when needed. 

Please note because the feature will automatically apply the sanction to the account, there’s no reason to report the player in question who’s intentionally attacking allies. 

What’s considered Team Damage?
All types of damage done towards friendly vehicles (either intentional or accidental) is considered Team Damage. When the account has reached the threshold limit, the automated system will apply the sanction.

What are the suspension time-frames?
Once the account reaches a particular threshold; the automatic suspension feature will suspend the offender’s account, and they’ll receive a notification about the incident.  

Does this feature work for all Game Modes?
The Anti-Griefing feature will only support and work for both ‘PvP’ and ‘PvE’ game modes. Custom games will not be affected by this feature.

Contests & Events:
Accounts suspended for 24+ hours will immediately be disqualified from receiving prizes or compensation from current events. For more information regarding in-game violations, please visit our Code of Conduct page.

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Anti-Griefing automatic suspension feature


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