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Loot System: How to use

What’s a Supply Crate?

Armored Warfare’s Supply Crates are the containers that you will earn to receive Loot. Supply Crates come in one of five quality levels (Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum), and the quality of Loot received from a Supply Crate increases with each quality level:

How can I obtain a Supply Crate?

While there will be multiple ways for you to earn Supply Crates from playing Armored Warfare, the most common mechanism will be from playing PvE or PvP matches. Both the chance to earn a Supply Crate and the quality level of Supply Crate you receive will be determined primarily by your overall performance in the match, modified by a small amount of random chance. 
Within the Loot system, performance is defined as how well you perform in the match compared to all other individual match results within the same tier and game mode.

Where can I find it?

The Supply Crate icon will be displayed at the bottom left-hand corner of the garage screen. The number beneath the crate will display the number of crates you currently own:

How to open the Supply Crate:

You will be able to open your Supply Crates as well as activate Boosts or Premium Time items directly from within your Inventory, and double-clicking an Insignia, Consumable, or Boost will navigate to the appropriate tab in the Service Screen so that you can equip the selected item:

What’s an Insignia

The Insignia will provide you with another way to increase your match rewards beyond the methods already available like the First Win of the Day bonus, Boosts, Premium Account time.

These are applied to individual vehicles just like Consumables, and each vehicle can have five Insignias applied – one from each of the five types:

  - Credits
  - Reputation
  - Global Reputation
  - Commander XP
  - Crew XP

These five types of Insignias are available in each of the same five quality levels as the Supply Crates:

How do I open the Insignia

Insignias are managed on a new Insignias Tab that has been added to the existing Service Screen used for modifying your vehicle’s current loadout and crew. To equip the Insignia, first begin by clicking on the Insignia then proceed by clicking “Open Insignia” at the bottom right corner of the screen:

Where do I equip the Insignia

Visit the load out screen to equip the Insignia's in the appropriate slot:

View Active Boosts:

Click the “View Active Boost” icon located at the top right-hand corner of the garage screen:

How to equip Boosts from the Inventory menu

Simply drag and drop the Boost to the appropriate “Active Boosts” slot:

Premium Time Items:

All existing Premium Time Boosts will be consolidated into smaller sets of Premium Time Items with the same duration as the originals. 
These items will no longer be called “Boosts” and will be in a separate category in the new Inventory interface. This will help avoid confusion since Boosts and Premium Time items have different purposes and apply their bonuses in different ways.  Similar to the update to Boosts, no Premium Time will be lost by players by this change.

Black Sea Incursion Update (v0.25)
With the new introduction of the Black Sea Incursion Update (v0.25) several new changes have occurred to the Loot Crate system.   
Update (v0.25) Main Loot Crate Changes
 - Loot Crates now contain 3-Day Tank Rentals,
 - Loot Crates are no longer rewarded for standard battles,
 - Booster tokens (previously lasting 12 hours) have now been replaced by 2-hour tokens.
For a full description of the recent changes that occurred with the Loot Crates from this update, we invite you to visit our dedicated Armored Warfare  article:   

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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Loot System: How to use


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