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Instructions: How to submit a bug

To help our Specialists investigate the problem or bug is by having a copy of your computer’s DirectX Diagnostics report. This information is key and will provide our team with valuable insight about your machine and help us locate a solution to the issue. 

Please refer below for step by step instructions on how to obtain a copy of your DxDiag

   - I.) Press the “Windows Key” and “R” Key at the same time for a pop-up to appear
   - II.) Type the following "Dxdiag" (without quotes) then press enter:

   - III.) The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open and start to gather information from your machine. 
   - IV.) When it's done, click "Save all information":

Game Client Folder:
The next important piece of information is the (Game.log) which can be found within the Armored Warfare game client folder: 

   - I.) Open the My.com Game Center
   - II.) Locate the Armored Warfare Game tab
   - III.) Click on the Green arrow button next to “Play” for a drop-down menu
   - IV.) Click “Open Game Client Folder” to see the location of the necessary files:

Error & Game Logs:

Note if the game didn’t crash or populate a crash report window: this means the Error.log will not be available.

If the game did crash: you can locate both the following (Error.log and Game.log) within the Armored Warfare directory and attach these files within your Support Ticket:

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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Instructions: How to submit a bug


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