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Purchase Made to Wrong Account

Before making a payment, please make sure you’re logged into the account you’d like the items applied to!

Please note: Accounts using the same e-mail address (such as: Facebook, Twitter, or mobile phone) are considered to be separate unique accounts. So if you’ve signed up with both a Facebook account and Email address, each account is considered to be different and cannot be linked together. If you’ve made a purchase on the wrong account, please notify our Customer Support team for help.

If you’re on the homepage, you can verify the email and forum name of the account you’re logged into in the top right corner, like so:

On the Billing Payment screen, you can check the account you’re logged into here:

If you’re in the My.com Game Center, you can check the email address associated with the logged in account in the top right corner:

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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