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Booted Back to Garage Bug

The "Booted Back to Garage Bug" is an issue where the player would enter the queue for a PvP match.

However, when the player starts to load into the match, the game client will boot them back to the Garage screen.

After this, they will also notice that the vehicle they queued with has entered the match without them.

The team has been hard at work identifying why certain players continue to get booted back to the garage after trying to join a match. We feel we are on to something, but need some additional information from affected players to help us in our efforts. 

If you experience getting booted back to the garage and do not believe it is related to your internet, please provide us with the following:

1) Your In-game Username

2) Your server (NA/EU)

3) Whether you are running Windows in 32 or 64 bit. 

4) Your Game.log

  • It is important that you grab your Game.log immediately after you experience the boot, but before you close the client. If you close the client the log will not have the information needed.
    • The client can be found in the following folder path: Install Drive:\MyGames\Armored Warfare MyCom Beta
    • Upload the file to a ticket and submit it to our Support Team.

Providing us this information in a ticket will help speed up our progress in resolving this issue.

Note: If you are seeing lines similar to this in your game log:

<17:38:22> [Lobby] Failed to create socket on port 61101
<17:38:22> [Lobby] Failed to create socket on port 61102
<17:38:22> [Lobby] Failed to create socket on port 61103
<17:38:22> [Lobby]
<17:38:22> [Lobby] Failed to create socket on port 61105

Then your computer firewall/router or some software is blocking the opening of these ports. This is not a bug and you will need to ensure you are not blocking the ports mentioned in the log.

To forward the ports necessary for Armored Warfare to properly communicate, please see this Knowledgebase Article.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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