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Professions and Recipes – General Information

Professions can be taken from the third level in Legend: Legacy of the Dragons.

There are three collecting professions in which players have to collect resources and 3 production professions in which the resources are being processed. In addition there are 3 free professions. As soon as you have selected one profession in one of these categories you cannot learn any other profession of the same category (unless you resign the original profession).

In order to raise your professional experience you need to collect resources with the help of special tools in the collecting professions and to create items with recipes in the production professions.

If you try to use an item connected to a profession and you receive an error message telling you that you cannot use this item this means that you don’t have enough professional experience.

You can find further information and a detailed description of the individual professions in our portal.

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Professions and Recipes – General Information


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