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How to purchase Argents

In order to purchase Argents through the Homepage this can simply be done by selecting "Add Argents" located directly under the Account name:

How to purchase Argents in-game:

Argents can be purchased within the client and will be applied to the server that you are found logged into.

Continue by pressing the Argents icon located at the bottom right of the screen after pressing the "Escape" key:

Server Selection:

In order to make a purchase to your region, continue by selecting the appropriate server (NA or EU):


Note: Purchasing Argents on the EU server will be applied to the EU Server. If you purchase Argents on the NA server, this will be applied to the NA server and not vice versa.

Selecting Argents Package:

Continue by selecting the appropriate package that you wish to purchase. You will receive additional Argents bonus for the first payment:



Choosing your payment method:

Select your country and the appropriate payment method that you wish to use:



When the payment method has been chosen the details about the transaction will be prompted:



Complete Payment:

Enter the appropriate payment information and select Complete Payment to continue:


 Congratulations! You have purchased!

When the payment details have been entered and the payment is completed you will receive a new message with the status of the purchase:


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