Individual Clan Avatars

Every clan in Legend: Legacy of the Dragons can get its own individually designed clan crest with an individual legend that will be part of the clan profile.

The basic price for this service is 999 Diamonds, a flash animation can be obtained for additional is 499 Diamonds.

You can find further information and some examples in the portal.

If you want to order a clan crest please obtain the necessary amount of Diamonds and place your order by sending a ticket under Extra Services. In this case only one player (e. g. the clan leader) should contact support in the name of the whole clan. The other members of the clan can pay on the account of this player to provide the amount of Diamonds together.

We need a detailed description of the clan crest. The more accurate the description is the closer will the result get to your idea. You will receive several drafts of the crest and you will be able to provide feedback about changes you want us to make. Changes can usually only be done once during the processing time. The processing

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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