Known issues and solutions

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Q: May i start a new game or reset made game progress?

We can assist you in this case if you create an inquiry from correct article which is called "Can i start a new game?" .

Q: How can i unlink Facebook/Google account?

We can assist you in this case if you create an inquiry from correct article which is called "I want to unlink/link to another Facebook/Google" .

Q: Why can't i merge two rooms in one?

To merge several rooms into one, two conditions must be simultaneously met:
1. Rooms must be of the same type. You can not merge, for example, the Mint and the Kitchen.
2. Rooms must be of the same level. Merging together, for example, a level 1 Cloning room and a level 2 Cloning room, is not possible.
Once the conditions are met, you need to place the rooms next to each other. After that, the rooms will be merged into one.

Q: How often Bazooka Shark's nest appear in the game?

A: The Bazooka Shark's nest opens when collectors army is gaining enough strength for a new attack and thus, it is not possible to predict in advance when the nest will open. However, it usually happens in the end of a week.

Q: Why do I come across unequal to me in strength opponents in a Morning Mimosa tournament?

There are several parameters which are taken into account while matching opponents in the tournament:
1. The maximum possible amount of fighters, which depends on the level of Roger's Place;
2. The average level of the best fighters in the house;
3. The level of your Fighter training room.
It is also important to keep in mind that even if the levels of the opposing sides may be almost equal, it is possible that one squad will be clearly stronger than the other one due to the difference in their equipment. With this said, we recommend you to equip your fighters in best equipment you may get in the game.

Q: Why do I always stay in the Tournament queue for too long? 

 The time spent in the queue depends on a variety of factors, among which the most obvious are:
1. The number of players online is not constant and can vary depending on the time of a day;
2. The tournament group is not a group of random players since it is formed from those matching each other with an average Fighter skill level of all the inhabitants of the house. This limitation also affects the queuing times;
3. Other gaming activities such as Bazooka Shark's nest which usually appears on weekends;

Q: Why my house is getting attacked by other players while i'm online? 

A: If a player stays in the game for more than 6 hours during the last 24 hours, his online protection will be removed. This feature was introduced in order to address the mass abuse of the online protection feature.