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Diamonds for ad-related offers

We partnered with the TapJoy company to provide you access to the exclusive offers which allow you to get free diamonds in Guild of Heroes.

If you believe that you completed all necessary steps for receiving reward according to the offer but did not receive diamonds, please follow these steps below and the TapJoy's staff will be glad to help you.

  1. Being in a game, tap the + button, located next to the diamonds count.

  2. Press the Get free button.

  3. Open your TapJoy user account's control panel by tapping the button with 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner.

  4. Select Reward Status.

  5. Find the offer in question, view its status and fill in necessary information to contact the TapJoy support service.

Alternatively, you can contact the TapJoy support service directly by following this link.