The weapon and armor tecnhologies have disappeared! How to produce new weapon and armor now?

The new version of the game has changed the system of evolution of weapons and armor.

From now, you do not need to research the technologies from producing weapon and armor, and to get equipment of a higher rank you need to meet the following conditions:
- Upgrade your existing weapon or armor to the maximum level.
- Achieve the required level of the Scientific Progress.
- Accumulate the required amount of resources for Evolution.

After the evolution, you will have only the item of the higher rank, so that irrelevant weapons and armor will no longer clog your inventory. The game no longer features the technologies needed to produce the weapons and armor shown in the image above. To compensate the disappearance of these technologies, a certain level of the new “Modernization” line of technologies corresponding to your level of scientific progress was automatically added to your account.

You can learn more about this new system in the article from our official community.