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How do I use active abilities?

Active abilities are skills that your Heroes can use in combat. Each hero has one active ability.

Active abilities can be used in any single-player missions, in expeditions, and in PvP.

To unlock and craft active abilities, you must reach Town Center level 6. Then, build the Craft Lab building. There you can craft active abilities for each hero you own. With each Craft Lab upgrade, the number of construction slots for your abilities increases.

When an ability is crafted, it is added to the inventory of each hero who has this ability. Tap the ability icon in-game to activate the ability and try it out in combat!

For now, the following abilities are available:

  1. Adrenaline — temporarily increases player’s damage;
  2. Painkiller — temporarily reduces incoming damage;
  3. Molotov Cocktail — damages enemies and sets them on fire;
  4. Frost Grenade — damages and slows down enemies;
  5. Armor Plates — add HP that wears off with incoming damage.

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How do I use active abilities?

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