Battle Pass

Dear Players!

The third season of the Battle Pass is an in-game activity that was released on 08.10.2019. You can find additional information about in the announcement article.
You will be able to complete missions, increase your level in the Battle Pass, and receive cool rewards.

There are two levels of access to the Battle Pass.

Trial access
This access level is granted to all players (after gaining account rank 2 in Warface).
With it, you will be able to gain experience points to raise your level in Battle Pass and receive rewards from leveling, up to level 10. After that, you still will be able to gain experience and gain ranks, but won't be able to earn rewards for level 11 or higher. However, should you later decide to purchase full access, all rewards for previously reached levels will be added instantly. Trial access does no gran the ability to complete Secondary objectives.

Premium access
This access level can be purchased in-game with Kredits, and grants full access to all activities of the Battle Pass.
It additionally grants the ability to receive rewards from levels above 10 of personal progress, as well as the ability to complete Secondary objectives that grant their own additional rewards.

How do I buy premium access?
Premium access is sold for Kredits.

Can I pay for access with Kredits I already have on my account?
Yes, you can use them if you have enough.

Will all items (temporary and permanent) received during the event remain in my inventory?
Of course. All items will remain, whether game skins, weapons, or Kredits.

How long will the season of Battle Pass last?
It will last for exactly two months from when it starts.

Does it make sense to join the event later, for example, in a month?
Of course! You will get as many rewards as you can earn. Everything depends on you!

How to gain experience points to increase the level in the Battle Pass?
Simply play your favorite PvP modes or complete Co-op missions and raids. However, there are a couple of limitations: neither "Practice" PvE mission nor Private PvP Rooms do not award experience.

What will happen if I leave a match prematurely?
Should you leave a match before it has been finished, only progress for PvP missions will be saved. Other missions will not be counted, no will you receive experience. 

If you encounter any problems or have questions regarding Battle Pass, please use this article to submit a ticket.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.