How to secure yourself from phishing

Due to a recent surge of violators posting links to phishing websites, we want to provide a few advices on how to not fall a prey to the fraudulent activities and lose you progress.

First and foremost: do no open links to any third-party websites advertising free gifts or bonuses, and, more importantly, do not use your personal account information on such websites.
You can always recognize our official resources - their addresses always end with the "my.com" domain. Also, in most cases official promo-pages have a pass-through authorization - it means that if you log into your account on the main website of the game, you will not need to put your credentials on the promo-page separately.
When in doubt whether a website or a promo-page is official and can be trusted, you can always contact Support for clarification.

If you see a link to a third-party website being spammed via any in-game channel (public or clan chat, private messages) - please report them to Support via this article. Even in case you do know this player and doubt the he or she would violate the rules, there is a high chance that his account might have been stolen by a third-party.

If you believe that you might have already fallen prey to a phishing site by putting in your Warface account information on such a site, contact Support immediately by submitting a ticket from this article.
If you still have access to your Warface - change your password as soon as possible via this link.

Check if you have access to the registration method used to access your account (Facebook, Phone, e-mail address, etc), and change the password). If you do, change the password for this registration method as well.

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How to secure yourself from phishing


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