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Solving issues with Adobe Flash Player

Due to updates some browsers are blocking Adobe Flash Player by default. However, the application is required for normal game function. If you’ve faced this issue, please follow these steps: 

 In Google Chrome go to chrome://settings/content and check the option “Allow Flash on web sites” in the “Flash” tab. Despite this, the plugin will still get blocked, and you will have to launch it manually in the address bar (you will note a puzzle icon on the left side) every time. You can find detailed instructions in the attached picture under the post. 

✔ You can use the Mozilla Firefox browser as an alternative. You won’t have to launch the plugin every time, but first, the browser requires some settings adjustments. Copy the string about:addons to the address bar and open Shockwave Flash settings. Uncheck the option “Block dangerous and intrusive Flash content” in the opened window. After that, the application should load correctly. 

✔ You can use the Opera browser. To set it up for optimal Flash function, enter opera://settings in the address bar and type Flash in the search field. In the list of settings choose “Allow sites to run Flash”. Please note that after enabling VPN Flash settings are reverted to default and you have to set everything up again following the steps above. 

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.