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Code of Conduct Violations

The following list of violations is non-exhaustive, and we reserve the right to take action for any behavior disrupting the game experience not mentioned on this page. Repeated violations of our Terms of Use or EULA (End User License Agreement) may result in permanent account closure or permanent account censorship. Please note that our policies are not language-restrictive. Violations will always be subject to penalties, regardless of the language, it is considered inappropriate in.

Behavior that we absolutely encourage:
  - Have a good attitude! Conqueror's Blade is fun and welcoming to all players.
  - Don’t share your account information with anyone else and always keep it private.
  - Help others who are in need or don’t understand how to play.
  - Report anything that’s suspicious or you feel that’s simply not right.
  - Follow the rules of the game and policy.
  - Be friendly, honest and kind!

Actions and behavior that we strongly advise against:
  - Promoting and engaging in discriminatory or illegal behavior, racial, ethnic, hate speech, spam, threats or nation hatred.
  - The use of illegal programs/software, scripts, botting or any form of exploits that would encourage cheating.
  - Team-killing, griefing other players, extensive inactivity (such as AFK, not contributing to the battle, etc.).
  - Violate any copyright or trademark of My.com or any other third-party affiliates.
  - Display or promote in any gambling, the use of pornographic content, and use of racial, ethnic, or national hatred.
  - Threatening to cause harm, attempt to defraud, or the distribution of personal information.

If you feel a player has violated our policies, please report them to our Support team.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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