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I have an issue with my pre-order & gifts (Steam)

Please refer to the following instructions that will help guide you through the download and installation process:

Step 1Purchase the pre-order pack through the Steam store:
  - When you've completed the payment through Steam, click the ‘Play’ button in the Steam library.
  - You'll then be redirected to the Conqueror’s Blade homepage through the Steam browser.
  - Complete the signup process and continue with the next step.

Step 2) Click the “Sign Up for BETA” button:
  - Click the 'Sign up for BETA' button at the on the top-right of the Game Center.
  - This will complete the account registration process and continue with the next step.

Step 3Click the ‘Download’ button:
  - After clicking the 'Sign up for BETA' this should be replaced with the ‘Download’ button.
  - Click this to automatically begin the download and installation process.
  - If you'd like more information on how to download & install the game, please click here.

Step 4Click the ‘Play’ button:
  - When the game has been successfully installed, click the ‘Play’ button to login and play.

Note if you’ve recently purchased the pack through the Steam store, please allow up to ~15 minutes for our systems to synchronize and register your account. You should be able to successfully log into the game after this amount of time has passed.

If you cannot log into the game but you have a pre-order pack (gift or purchase):
To help our team assist you with  the issue, please contact Support with the following information:

  - Please state whether or not your pre-order was purchased or gifted by another player.
  - Attach a screenshot that reflects your Steam profile and your Steam library.
  - Attach a screenshot of your pre-order invoice/payment receipt (if purchased).

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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I have an issue with my pre-order & gifts (Steam)

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