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Steam Login Issues: Sign Up Button

We are aware that players purchased or received a pack in Steam and are unable to log in properly (instead of "Play" or "Download" button they can see "Sign up for Beta"). Press the "Sign up for Beta" to complete the registration process for your Conqueror's Blade account.

Once done, your account will be updated and your purchased pack should appear within a few hours (depending on the server bandwidth).

If you are still experiencing the problem and the pack has not appeared, please follow these instructions below:
  1. Log in our Support Center with your Steam account.
  2. Submit a ticket to Support (below).
  3. Attach the following files & information to your ticket:
    - A screenshot that shows your Steam purchase invoice (if it was a gift, please indicate that it was a gift).
    - A screenshot that shows your Steam account with the game in the library (the screenshot should also demonstrate your Steam account).

Once we’ve received your inquiry with the necessary files, our trained bot and automation process will pass your ticket to the corresponding specialist to fix your account as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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Steam Login Issues: Sign Up Button

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