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Welcome Bonus for Turkish players

Dear players from Warface Turkey,
Hello and welcome aboard my.com servers!

Please note: as of now, the level up bonus can only be claimed by the players who did the required steps (described below). If you do not have a free level-up service available for claiming on the offer page, you can no longer obtain it.

Here is a small FAQ explaining some onboarding issues for you:

Will I get all my items transferred?

No, but that doesn't mean you have to start from the beginning.
By using special service you will instantly get Rank 30 and will unlock 38 weapons, 35 gear items and 39 attachments. You will also obtain Mega-VIP for 14 days and 50 000 Warface Dollars.
NOTE: Weapons, armor, and equipment will only be unlocked in your arsenal. To obtain the items for your inventory and start using them you will need to spend Warface Dollars. We recommend you to get the higher-tier items first with the provided currency.

What do I need for that?

The procedure was as follows:
• Accept the Terms of Service that appear with a pop-up in GFACE launcher. This offer was available till February, 22nd.
• Create an account on my.com
• Starting from February 19th, 12:00 UTC log in the page https://wf.my.com/en/levelup to get your bonus. Please note that we will be receiving confirmed emails in batches, so if you successfully completed the steps above, but do not have an option to claim your gift, it may happen that the email is still pending to be received. Feel free to check the availability of the feature once again in 3 days.

Why I could not get my account fully migrated?

Unfortunately, the complete “migration” was not possible due to a couple of reasons, among which are the following:
a) economic: our servers have a completely different system of in-game economics, so the adaptation of accounts to our economics would be incredibly difficult to implement;
b) time-related: we need to accomplish the migration within a small timeframe, yet a couple of mechanics are too time-consuming to employ them in the process.

Ok, why was it possible during the initial migration from GFace, but not this time?

During the migration process that was happening in 2017, the project was given to our company altogether, with its servers and all the data. There were difficulties of various kind, yet the economic factor involved was not so critical. We tried to do our best to ensure the best possible adaptation of your accounts to our services. Thank you for your understanding.

I already have a high-rank account on My.com will I get something?

You can use transfer service on a character of any rank, however, if your current rank is 30 or higher – you will not get any exp. Same goes for the case of your arsenal already being fully unlocked.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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Welcome Bonus for Turkish players

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