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Why was the decision to merge the servers made?
Opening new and merging old servers is a common practice in MMO games when a server’s population isn’t high enough to complete server-wide activities. It creates an additional incentive for the players because they find themselves in a fresh game environment, where they can meet new friends and worthy opponents. We will continue to monitor the servers’ population and regularly merge them, as well as open new ones, keeping the players entertained.

What is a server merge?
A server merge is a process of transferring all the characters from one server to another. During the merge, the characters from server Oceanflow / Divine Overlook / Spiritwood will be transferred to server Tidewater / Snowpine / Darkfall respectively.

What steps should the players take in preparation for the merge?
There aren’t any. All servers will go down for maintenance after which servers Oceanflow, Divine Overlook and Spiritwood will be removed from the list of available servers, and all the characters from that server will be transferred to their destination server.

What will happen to (server, server and server)?
They will experience an influx of players. This may affect players’ rating, and also characters’ names, in cases where they will coincide with characters’ names from their previous server.

What will happen to Server First Statues?
Players on the destination servers will keep their statues.

If I have 6 characters or more on a server already due to a previous merge, will I get another 6 character slots if you have 6 characters on the closing servers?
Yes, you will get to keep all of your characters, but please note that you only will keep a maximum of 6 character slots. This means that if you delete any of your additional characters above the original 6, you will not get free character slots for them.

Will I keep the items I have on the auction during the merge and the items and money I have in my mail?
Yes. All the mail will be transferred over, and all of the items that are currently on auction at the time of the merger will automatically be moved over to the auction on the merged server.

Will my Friends, Enemies, Journeyman Alliances, significant others be transferred?
Yes, all of the information from within the friends' system will be transferred.

Will my guild, its progress and its membership be transferred?
Yes. All of the information within the guild system will be transferred.

Will rankings and guild rankings be reset?
Yes. Rankings and guild rankings will be reset.

Will guild alliances be transferred?
Yes. Guild alliances will be transferred.

Will conquered Territories for the week be transferred?
No. After the merge and until the next clan war battle all the territories will belong to no one.

Will I keep my achievements?
Yes, all of your achievements will be saved.

What will happen in cases where the character’s name coincide?
In cases where two character names from different servers have the same name, the character of higher level and experience will keep their name and the other character will be prompted to choose a new name upon first log-in. In cases where characters are of the same level, the character with more accumulated experience will get to keep their name, and if the character has the same experience accumulated the person from the server which is being merged into the main server will be required to change their name.

Person 1 from Oceanflow has ‘Mute’ chosen as a name, Person 2 from Tidewater has the same name, with the same level and experience accumulated. The person from Oceanflow will be requested to change their name as their server is being merged into Tidewater.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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