Revelation Online myLoot FAQ

Is it available for all Platforms (PC/PS4/XBOX)?
No, myLoot is only available for PC versions of Skyforge, Armored Warfare and Revelation Online.
What are myCoins?
myCoins are a bonus you obtain from every purchase of items you make in loot.my.com. When you complete the purchase, you are awarded the amount of myCoins that is indicated in the description. Those myCoins can be used to obtain any chest available in the “Chests” section, as long as you collected enough myCoins first and have not yet met the purchase limit for that chest.
How do I buy an item?
Select the desired item from the “Shop” section, select the quantity and click the "Buy" button. You will be offered various methods of payment.
How do I spend myCoins to get chests?
Select the desired chest from the “Chests” section, select the quantity and click the "Buy" button. Your current balance of myCoins will be displayed and you will be asked to confirm the purchase if you have enough to complete the purchase. After that, the chest/s will be stored in the “Your Chests” section until you open them.
How can I see the composition of the chest?
Just click on the chest with the left mouse button to see its composition. You can also see a description of each item in the chest if you scroll over its name.
What does a color bar mean over the content of a chest?
A colored bar indicates the relative value of each of the potential rewards contained in that chest. Green – Common, Red – Uncommon, Blue - Rare, Orange - Legendary.
Will I receive all the rewards from the chest?
No, you will receive one single item from the chest that will be selected randomly.
Are there any discounts when buying several chests?
Yes, in some chests you have discounts for purchasing selected amounts. Click in the amount field of that chest to see the discounts applied. This is also applicable to the items in the “Shop” section.
Can myCoins be applied to all games?
Yes, you can use myCoins to obtain chests from any of the games available in loot.my.com, despite which item you bought from which game.
I bought the chest, but it is not in my “Your Chests” section.
“Your Chests” sections are different for each game. Check that you are in the corresponding game section. If it is not the case, go to the main page (either clicking on the game logo on the top of the screen or manually introducing the URL https://loot.my.com, and select the desired project from the top bar.
I bought a chest, but it did not appear in the chest section (the right side of the screen).
If you closed the window after payment, try to wait 15 minutes. If the chest still does not appear (make sure that you are in the right game section), contact support .
How to transfer an item into the game?
Go to the inventory section and click "Activate". You will receive a confirmation pop up indicating the activation, and your item will be available in the inventory section of your web profile. Notice that the item will disappear from myLoot inventory, but you will be able to check all past activation's in the section "history" (right next to "inventory"). 
From your account profile, you will be able to choose the target avatar and transfer the items to the game. if the items do not appear in the game after activation, please contact Revelation Support. Please notice that the process can be occasionally delayed a few minutes.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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