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General Account Security Recommendations

Verifying your email address with My.com improves the security of your My.com account. Once you've verified your email address with My.com, both your My.com account password and access to your email account are required in order to make any changes to your My.com account credentials, such as your password, and contact email address. This helps further protect your My.com account from being stolen by a potential phisher.

Verify your contact email address with My.com:
  - Go to your My.com Profile page and select Security tab.
  - Click on the Verify email address button.
  - Follow the on-screen instructions.
  - You should then receive an email message from My.com support.
  - Click the unique link provided in this email message to finish verifying your email address. The web page which then launches will confirm your success.

In addition to selecting a strong password, it is a good idea to maintain the security of your system in the following ways described below.

Select a Strong Password:
Using a strong password is a necessary first step toward ensuring the security of your account.  

Your password should meet all of the minimum requirements listed below:
  - Use at least 8 characters
  - Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.
  - Include, at least, one number within the password
  - Do not use a name, a word that could be found in the dictionary, or a series of letters as it appears on the keyboard ("qwerty" and "12345" are not secure passwords)

Use a unique password:
Make sure you are using a different password for your My.com account and your contact e-mail address. If you participate in any gaming forums, make sure that your username and password on these forum sites is different from your My.com account name and password.

Scan your computer:
Regularly scan your computer for viruses, key-loggers, spyware, and other malicious code with a virus scan utility that has the most recent virus definitions.

Avoid insecure computers:
Avoid accessing your My.com account from internet cafes or shared computers - if you must use an internet cafe or shared computer, make sure it has been scanned for viruses, trojans, and keyloggers.

Always log out of your account on shared machines:
If the machine you use to access My.com has multiple users, be sure to fully Exit (log out of) when you are done using the machine (if the "Remember Password" option is checked, another user may be able to access your account).

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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