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Will AoC be Pay-to-Win?

We at My.com are, and remain, fully committed to supporting the creative vision that Steven and Intrepid Studios has for Ashes of Creation. Their version appeals to the desires of the western MMMORPG fans, and we are fully committed to bringing this non-Pay-to-Win vision to the European players.  

In the past, My.com has published and developed primarily titles that were, from the ground up, built around a Free-To-Play model. This is not the case with Ashes of Creation, which is fully tailored towards a subscription-based business model. We want to make sure the game reaches our players with a business model and monetization options that matches the expectations of the fans and backers of Ashes of Creation.  

We are fully supporting the Non-Pay-to-Win vision that Stefan and Intrepid Studios have, and we will implement the same model for the My.com version as they implemented for their version. 

We believe that Ashes of Creation will be one of the largest MMOs ever to be globally published, and as a publisher, we are excited to help lead the charge, together with Stefan and our friends at Intrepid Studios.  

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FAQ: AoC - My.com Publisher Questions

Will AoC be Pay-to-Win?