Bug Reports

If you find an in-game error ("bug") during the game, we will be grateful if you report it to us.

What is a bug/glitch? Examples:
• "falling" through the map textures;
• ability to go beyond the borders of the map;
• incorrect behavior of enemies in PvE \ Special operations;
• inaccurate or misspelled names of items or objects in the game.

What is not a bug?
Feedback! If you feel something is unbalanced or needs changing, encountered something that’s not right, report it to our team here: "Feedback".

In order for us to be able to collect and transfer the information to the game developer as soon as possible, please be sure to provide a detailed description of the encountered problem, under what circumstances and on what map you have encountered it. Also, please provide visual materials illustrating the encountered error (screenshots or a video).

You can read more about Screenshots in our special article: "How to take and submit a screenshot".

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.