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How to Purchase & Transfer myLoot Shop Items

To make a purchase, sign into the My.com account through the Myloot shop homepage and select Skyforge:
How to Buy a Chest or Item:

Click the Shop or Chest tabs located at the top of the Myloot web-page and click "Buy" on the item:
Click the "Buy" button to continue with the confirmation and click the "Purchase" button to authorize:
When the purchase is complete, click the 'OK' button as displayed on the following notification window:
How to Open Myloot Chests:
You may open the Chest by clicking the "Open" button to receive your items:
Click the "View in Inventory" button to continue. This will transfer you to the Inventory tab
How to Activate & Transfer to the game: 
Click the "Activate" button to activate and transfer your Myloot Shop purchase to the game:

The confirmation will display as "Item successfully activated!" and transfer the content the game.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.