How to activate & transfer myLoot shop purchases

To make purchase through the Myloot Shop, first sign into your My.com account through the Myloot Shop homepage:


How to Buy a Chest or Myloot Shop Item

Click the Shop or Chests tabs located at the top of the Myloot web-page and click "Buy" on the item: 




Clicking the "Buy" button from the Chests tab will display the confirmation popup and the "Purchase" button: 



When the purchase is complete, click the 'OK' button as displayed on the following notification window: 


How to Open Myloot Chests & Activate Inventory Items

Click the “Open” button to open your Myloot Chests to have the items sent to the Myloot Inventory Tab


Activate the item from the Inventory Tab to initiate the transfer process to the game:  


Transferring your Inventory to the desired Shard and  Avatar:

When the items have been activated, clicking the "Transfer" button will automatically directed your browser to the Revelation Online Inventory Web Shop.

To complete the transfer process, select the server and avatar and click on the "Transfer" button: 


Confirming the Transaction

Press the "Confirm" button to complete the transfer process. This will immediately transfer and deposit the items to the game and onto the Avatar that was selected.  


If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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How to activate & transfer myLoot shop purchases

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