Revelation Online: Steam FAQ

Am I able to make a payment for Steam from the RO.My.com website(NA/EU)
Payments via Steam Wallet are available for users with Steam-Accounts. To use this method, log into our website through Steam by opening the My.com Game Center (from your Steam Library) and log into your Steam account. When logged into your account, the Revelation Online Steam packages should appear.

Can I merge my existing My.com account to Steam?
The ability to migrate already existing My.com accounts to a Steam account will be not possible. Accounts created via My.com intended for Steam will be treated as separate entities.  

Can I link my already existing My.com account to my Steam account?
Unfortunately, already existing Revelation Online accounts cannot be connected to a Steam account. If you wish to play the game via Steam, you will need to start the game with a brand new account.

Can I play with my existing (My.com) account through Steam?
All Steam accounts will require the creation of a brand-new Revelation Account. However, if you already have a Steam account, you’re welcome to log into Steam and create a new Revelation Account account to play. 

Each user will be able to play on either of the existing servers:

 - Europe Server: Moonsea or Tidewater
 - North America Server: Darkfall, Snowpine or Divine Overlook

Server Transfer Possibilities? (FR/DE) 
While we will not support language specific servers, more information about this topic can be found on our Support Page.  

How can I play Revelation Online via Steam?
The Revelation Online Steam client requires the creation of a brand-new account. To play Revelation Online on the Steam, please visit the Revelation Online Page within the Steam Store and click "Play Game" to start downloading/installing Steam. 

How can I reset my Revelation Online Password via Steam?
The Login to Steam Revelation Online accounts is handled exclusively via Steam. If you cannot log in, make sure to close Revelation Online, and the My.com Game Center (please verify this doesn't show in the hidden icons area in the task-bar). Then click "Play" in your Steam client and you will be logged into the game via Steam automatically.

What if I have a My.com Account with the same email address as my Steam Account?
Already existing My.com accounts are separate and unrelated to Steam accounts. Even if you already have an account with the same email address, playing Revelation Online through Steam will always create a new account using the Steam credentials. Additionally, the login procedure is handled exclusively via Steam. Any other ways of logging into the game or through the My.com Game Center are reserved for non-Steam accounts only.

Can I log into the My.com Game Center with my Steam Account?
The Login to Steam Revelation Online accounts is handled exclusively via Steam. If you encounter login problems, please close the Revelation Online client, then the My.com Game Center (please verify this doesn't show in the hidden icons area in the taskbar). After the client is completely closed, click "Play" in your Steam client to log into the game automatically via Steam.

How can I purchase packages from the RO.My.com website?
Open the Revelation Online application from your Steam library and click on the respective banner/article within the launcher. This will redirect you to the RO.My.com website while using your Steam account to purchase any of our offers with your Steam Wallet. 

If you experience any problems while attempting to make a purchase from your Steam library, please contact Steam Support for assistance

Why is My Game Center is logged in with a wrong account?
If you have logged into a different account in the My.com Game Center and would like to connect with your Steam account, make sure to close the Revelation Online client and log out of the My.com Game Center. Then, start Revelation Online again using Steam, and you will be logged in with your Steam account.

Can I use codes won during competitions on my Steam account?
To activate a promo code, launch Revelation Online via Steam, then click any link in the Revelation Online Game Center and navigate to the Revelation Online website. There you can simply access your account profile and apply any Revelation Online promo codes to your account. 

Note you must access the website via the Game Center launcher. You will not be able to log into your Steam account otherwise.

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