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How do I download the Siege Test? (Steam users)

Conqueror’s Blade will be playable for the first time this weekend, courtesy of the Siege Test. It’s predominantly a technical test, a large part of which has been about ensuring the same level of access to those who have pre-ordered the game through Steam as via My.com. We’re happy to say that will be the case, but it does mean that for the initial Siege Test period, Steam users will be first required to “sign up” for access.

Note this is just for the Siege Test and will not be required for future test periods (CBT, OBT, etc) to which your pre-purchase guarantees you full access.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get playing the Conqueror’s Blade Siege Test through Steam:

  1) You must have one of three pre-order packs (Explorer, Adventurer, Conqueror) registered to your Steam account. You cannot take part in the Siege Test via Steam without pre-purchasing the game first.

  2) Install the game launcher by clicking ‘Play Game’ on the Conqueror’s Blade Steam page.

  3) Once the game launcher is installed and open, press the ‘SIGN UP’ button. This will direct you to the player account section of the My.com website.

  4) Complete the sign-up process by entering the required information.

  5) Please wait for up to 5 minutes while our systems check your eligibility for Siege Test access. You will be provided with a temporary My.com account.

  6) Once the check is complete, the ‘SIGN UP’ button on the game launcher will change to ‘PLAY’. Select this to download and install the Siege Test game files (20GB approx). If you do not see the ‘PLAY’ icon, please restart the game launcher.

If you experience any problems while downloading, installing, or playing the game for your Steam account, please contact customer support.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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How do I download the Siege Test? (Steam users)

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