Why is my account Suspended/Muted?

My.com does not tolerate any offensive or inappropriate behavior that transpire in our game. 
Accounts found guilty for violating the Code of Conduct will receive the appropriate sanction as follows:
  - Insulting any member of the community, employee, or groups of people in-game and externally,
  - The use of crude language, offensive, or pornographic in nature,
  - Referring inappropriately to human anatomy or bodily functions,
  - Promoting racial, ethnic, or national hatred,
  - Using a racial, ethnic, or national slur,
  - Alluding to symbols of racial, ethnic, or national hatred,
  - Malicious references to factions and events of major conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Recurring violations and Game Rules:
We will be forced to extend sanctions (such as account suspensions or mutes) should recurring violations continue. 

Can I dispute my sanction?
Sanctions will not be subject for removal upon request without a good reason. 

Should you disagree with the sanction or simply have any questions, please contact Customer Support.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.