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"Berserk": issues with daily missions

Daily missions are given to players upon the first login on the event promo-page on any given day. Each day a player can receive one mission. Received mission will remain active until completed - it cannot be canceled.

If you have completed a mission, you will receive a new one only upon the first login on the next day. Unless you do that, no new missions will be given.

Things to keep in mind while completing missions:

- If there is a class requirement, the mission must be completed when playing only as the specified class, without changing it during the match/mission.

- Unless specifically mentioned, PvE missions can only be completed in the default Co-Op PvE mode. Any progress made in Special Operations will not be counted.

- Missions that, according to the conditions, must be performed in Special Operations of a specific difficulty, can only be completed in Special Operations that have this exact difficulty available for choice. They can not be performed in the Special Operations such as "The HQ" or Special Operations of the "Cold Peak" (Spearhead, Ambush, Zenith, Marathon).

- For PvP missions, progress is counted only for Quickstart and Rating matches. Private rooms can be used to complete PvE missions.

- Any match (PvP/PvE) must be completed correctly, i.e. with either victory or defeat. In case of leaving a match prematurely, due to any reason (including a connection loss), progress will not be counted.

If you encountered issues with daily missions, please submit a ticket from the current article.
For weekly missions, please the corresponding one.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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"Berserk": issues with daily missions

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