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I got questions about the Store, Crates, Keys for crates and PvP Store

In the Store, player can purchase a variety of weapons for the player (four weapon categories), weapons for the helicopter (two categories), get consumables (medkits, grenades, machetes, XP boosts), survivors, heroes and gear for heroes.

Open the Crates (mystery boxes) to get randomized rewards like resources, parts of guns and consumables. Crates can be opened for Keys and for Gold.
Each day you can open five free crates.

Keys are items used to open various Crates. Generally, one Key is required to open one Crate. Player can collect many Keys to open Crates in sets of ten.
The Crate Keys can be purchased in PvP store and received as rewards in Events and elsewhere.

You can spend PvP tokens that you receive in PvP fights to purchase goods in the PvP Store. The Store is regularly renewed, and you can renew it manually by spending Gold.