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- Where to find new weapons?
Weapons can be purchased in the Store for a variety of currencies or received as prizes. Weapons of sufficient power are required to complete Campaign. All weapons can be upgraded, and most of them can be evolved to match power requirements of more advanced regions.

If you got weapon parts as a reward, you are on your way to get some of the best weapons available in the game. Collect 50 weapon parts, and your new gun will assemble automatically and will be available for equipping and upgrade. You can receive weapon parts from Crates and in Event rewards.

- Weapon types and sub-types
There are four weapon categories available for Campaign and PvP: Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns and Machine Guns. Two weapon categories are available for Helicopter: Machine Guns and Missile Launchers.

Each of the four main weapon classes (Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Machineguns, Sniper Rifles) has three sub-types. For example, Automatic Shotguns fire in a rapid fashion, and Double-Barrel Shotguns deal increased damage. Almost every weapon also has perks: special abilities that enhance combat in PvP and Campaign modes.

- How to upgrade and evolve weapons?
You will need to upgrade your weapons frequently to advance through the Campaign and unlock new regions. To upgrade a weapon, you require Cash, Scrap Metal and Gold (Gold allows upgrading instantly and skip the timer). As you advance, weapon upgrades will require you to upgrade your Town Center.

Find EVOLUTION PARTS in Crates and elsewhere to evolve your weapons beyond their current region.

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Tell me more about weapons and other in-game items

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