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F.A.Q about Heroes

Heroes are playable characters that replace your default character (Michael Bennett). Each Hero has a name and a biography, and unique skills and stats that you can advance by leveling up. Heroes gain experience when you win PvP fights and complete Campaign missions while using them. Use Zombie Guides to get even more experience and level up faster.

- Where can I get new Gear?
Gear items can be equipped on Heroes to improve their stats (and add new skills). Gear can be received as rewards in Events, and in a variety of Crates, including Free Crates. There are four gear slots for each Hero.

- How to equip Gear?
Open MARKET, choose HEROES and tap on your Hero. You will see the slots where you can place Gear.
Equipping Gear might require leveling up your Hero, which can be done in PvP fights, in Campaign and by using Zombie Guides.

- How to get new heroes?
To get a new hero you need to collect its parts.
Parts for some heroes can be found in crates (you can see more details if you press FIND MORE PARTS). Other heroes are currently unavailable, but it will be possible to get them in the special events in the future or as a part of special offers.

- What is evolution for heroes?
Evolution for heroes is a game feature which allows you to make your heroes more powerful.
Collect Hero Parts to evolve your heroes and receive new ones.
To evolve your hero for the first time you need 100 Parts, for the second evolution you need 250 Parts. With each new Star, heroes gain more HP and better perk improvements.
Hero Parts can be found in the Hero Crate. Play events to get free keys for the Hero Crate!

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F.A.Q about Heroes

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