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How do I play PvP matches?

Player vs Player pitches you against players in synchronous shooting matches. There are 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 fights. The player or the team that achieves more points wins.

In 2 vs 2 there are two game modes: Capture the Intel and Team Deathmatch. Selection between them is random.

- In Capture the Intel, you get 3 points for each capture of the Intel object (a suitcase that spawns on the map) and 1 point for each kill.

- In order to win in the Team Deathmatch mode, you need to make more kills than the opposing team.

- How to play Clan PvP?

To start Clan PvP you need to open the chat at the bottom of the screen of your base and choose CLAN option on the top. Press START CLAN PVP button and wait until a clanmate joins you. Note that you can be joined only by those players, who are currently online.

You can also ask your clanmates to join you in the clan chat.

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How do I play PvP matches?

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