How can I ensure the safety of my game progress?

In order to avoid the loss of your game progress, you need to link your account to Google Play or Facebook. You can link your account in the settings of the game:
1. Open the "Command Center";
2. Open "Settings";
3. Log in with your Google Play or Facebook accounts.

The linking of the game allows you to transfer your progress from one device to another and to restore your account in case your device is lost.

In order to load your game progress you simply need to:
1. If you linked your game account to Google Play, add the linked Google account in the system settings. If you linked the game account to Facebook, you can proceed right to the next step.
2. Start the game, sign into the corresponding Google Play/Facebook account in the game settings and download your game progress.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.