How to attach & submit a screenshot

Providing Screenshots from the PS4 console into our support system is not immediately possible, but you can pick one of these three easy workarounds:

Recommended Options:

   1. Transfer the Screenshot via USB to PC and upload

   2. Upload the Screenshot to Social Media and share the link

   3. Take a picture of your screen and send the photo

Transfer to USB

- Required: USB Stick (Formatted to FAT32)

Please note: if your USB stick is not recognized make sure it is formatted to FAT32

- For Windows: Open your Windows Explorer and navigate to your USB stick. Right click and choose “Format”. Check that the key is formatted in FAT32. 

If it uses a different file-format, please re-format the USB key. Please note that all your data on the USB key will be erased.


  - 1) Open the “Library” from your PS4 Menu

  - 2) Navigate to “Applications”

  - 3) Select the “Capture Gallery” and launch the application

  - 4) Navigate to the “Armored Warfare” folder

Option # 1 (Transferring via USB Device):

Select the screenshot you want to transfer and click the “Options” button

  - Select “Copy to USB storage”

  - If you want to upload more screenshots, select the screenshots you want to transfer

  - Once done, select the option “Copy”

  - Follow the On-Screen-Instructions

  - Use the USB Key to transfer the files to your PC and attach them to your support ticket

Option # 2 (Upload Screenshots via Social Media):

  -  Please ensure there's no personal information on these screenshots, as they may be publicly available from your Social channel

  - Select the screenshot you want to transfer and click the “Share” button

  - Select the Social Media Channel you would like to share the screenshot on (“Twitter” or “Facebook” in the case of screenshots)

  - Follow the On-Screen-Instructions to publish the screenshot

  - Open your Twitter/Facebook timeline and download the picture to your PC

  - Open your Facebook timeline and download the picture to your PC

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.