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Cross Platform FAQ

Will there be cross-platform Support?
Due to technical limitations, the PC version and the PS4 version will be treated as different entities. Therefore, cross-platform will not be supported. 

Am I able to link both my accounts (Sony and My.com)?
Unfortunately, this is technically not possible because the accounts are handled in separate ecosystems. When logged in through the PlayStation, the login procedure will redirect you into the game with your PSN account. However, you can still create a My.com account to play the PC version, but the accounts will not be linked.

Will PS4 players be on the same server than non-PS4 players?
Players on the PS4 platform will be required to start new accounts on fresh new servers while non-PS4 players will remain on their own respective servers and platforms. 

Are the PC and PS4 platforms going to be on the same version?
While the core experience on PC and PS4 will remain the same (bar some minor differences such as the interface, missions, etc.) the game updates for each platform may arrive at slightly different times.

Will I be able to transfer content from my PC account to PlayStation?
While Armored Warfare will offer a completely fresh new experience on PlayStation 4, transferring content from PC to PlayStation or vice versa will not be possible. Our goal is to have everyone start at the same point and experience the progression of the game together, rather than having to match up against high-tiered players.

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If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.