I have an issue with my Armored Warfare PS4 account

Please contact our Armored Warfare Customer Support team and provide the PSN Online ID along with the email address for the following issues:
   - Armored Warfare Game Account (Restoration, In-Game Suspension, In-Game Ban/Mute),
   - Armored Warfare Account (Password Recovery, Security Question, etc.),
   - Access to the Armored Warfare Online Forums,

To request a Refund for Armored Warfare 'PlayStation 4' Payments:
All players must first contact our Armored Warfare Customer Support team and request the remove of the items from the account. 
When the items have been successfully removed, our team will provide you with the details to contact PlayStation Support to finalize the refund process: 
   - Gold/Premium Purchases,
   - Package Purchases,

All other issues associated with your PlayStation account must go through the Sony PlayStation Support team while assisting with the following:
  - Armored Warfare / PlayStation Plus Account linking process,
  - PlayStation Plus Membership questions/concerns,
  - PlayStation Plus Account (Sign-up, PlayStation Profile, Appeals, etc.), 
  - PlayStation Plus Membership,
  - Gold/Premium & Package Purchases,

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.