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"Syndicate": Trial Access

If you are still considering whether to participate in the event or not, you have an opportunity to test it out before the purchase. We’re talking about the trial access to the event. In order to start, you simply need to log into your account and navigate to the promo-page, and press the "Begin" button. After that you will become the owner of the trial access.
"Get" button redirects you to the full access purcahse options.
After acquiring the trial access, you will unlock several sections:
- Profile page;
- Daily missions;
- Crates;
- Weapon crafting;
- Inventory.
Here are the limitations you will have, if you only have trial access to "Syndicate" (and you did not purchase access to any previous Global Operation):
1. You will have access to only daily missions. Weekly missions will not be available.
2. There are two tiers of rewards for leveling up - you will be recieving rewards for trial version only. Should you purchase full access after leveling up a bit, all premium version rewards will be added retroactively.
3. You will have a certain chance to earn Experience, Battle Points and crates from matches.
4. Purchasing of Battle Points will be disabled. You also will not be able to spend any Battle Points earned.
5. Ability to sell items on the Marketplace will be disabled, but you will be able to trasnfer them into the game.
6. Weapon crafting page will be available as read-only.

You will be able to purchase full access at any moment. All progress from the trial version will be kept.

In case of issues with the progress of the objectives, please create a ticket from the following article (weekly missions) or this one (daily missions).

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"Syndicate": Trial Access

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