What modules are there inside the tank and how do they work?

There are different modules inside the tanks and their destruction has an impact on the tank's battle stats: 

1. Ammo Rack - if this is destroyed the tank suffers a great deal, reload speed is reduced and some reserve shells are destroyed. 
2. Engine - destruction sets the enemy on fire and prevents them from moving. 
3. Tracks/wheels - destruction prevents the tank from moving. 
4. Turret Traverse Drive - destruction prevents the tank from moving its turret. 
5. Sight - destruction disables part of the battle interface and the auto aim function. 
6. Crew - killing crew disables the bonuses from all the tank's crew members. 
7. Cannon - destruction really reduces firing precision. 

Any destroyed module is automatically restored after 10 seconds, although crew members that have been killed do not resurrect. Modules are located in different areas depending on the tank. Experiment to find your enemy's weak points!