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Skyforge: Steam Questions & Answers

For information about My.com and Steam versions of Skyforge, please review our knowledge base below: 

Can I collect my DLC on multiple servers?
Unfortunately, no. The Steam DLC will only be delivered to the ‘FIRST’ server logged into after the payment is successfully completed. Should you meet any issues with the delivery process of any Skyforge DLC, please contact our Customer Support team so we may aid you.

Can I purchase Packages from the Sf.My.com website?
Payments via Steam Wallet are available for users with Steam-Accounts. To use this payment method, proceed to our website from the My.com Game Center (from your Steam Library) and log into your Steam account. When successfully signed in, the Skyforge packages will display and allow you to purchase. 

Can I migrate my existing My.com account to Steam?
Unfortunately, due to technical limitations this is not possible. All My.com accounts are separated from Steam accounts and are treated as separate entities.  

Can I link my already existing My.com account to my Steam account?
Unfortunately, already existing Skyforge accounts cannot be connected to a Steam account. If you wish to play the game via Steam, you will need to start the game with a brand-new account.

Can I play together with players that play the non-Steam version?
While My.com and Steam accounts are treated as separate entities, both account types (My.com or Steam) will share same servers and allow players to play together regardless the account type. 

Can I play with my existing (My.com) character through Steam?
Unfortunately, no. Please note all Steam accounts requires the creation of brand new characters. However, if you already have an exciting character on a My.com account, we invite you to log into your My.com account by using the My.com Game Center application. 

How can I play Skyforge via Steam?
To play Skyforge on the Steam client, please visit the Skyforge Page within the Steam Store and click "Play Game" to start downloading/installing Steam. 

Note: Skyforge Steam client requires the creation of brand new accounts and characters. 

How can I reset my Skyforge Steam Password?
The Login to Steam Skyforge accounts is handled exclusively via Steam. If you cannot log in, make sure to close Skyforge, and the My.com Game Center (please verify this doesn't show in the hidden icons area in the taskbar). Then click "Play" in your Steam client and you will be logged into the game via Steam automatically.

What if I have a My.com Account with the same email address as my Steam Account?
Already existing My.com accounts are separate and unrelated to Steam accounts. Even if you already have an account with the same email address, playing Skyforge through Steam will always create a new account using the Steam credentials. Additionally, the login procedure is handled exclusively via Steam. Any other ways of logging into the game or through the My.com Game Center are reserved for non-Steam accounts only.

Can I log into the My.com Game Center with my Steam Account?
The Login to Steam Skyforge accounts are handled exclusively via Steam. If you cannot log in, please close the Skyforge client, then the My.com Game Center (please verify this doesn't show in the hidden icons area in the task bar). When the client is completely closed, click "Play" in your Steam client to be logged into the game automatically via Steam.

Why is My Game Center is logged in with a wrong account?
If you have logged into a different account in the My.com Game Center and would like to connect with your Steam account, make sure to close Skyforge and log out of the My.com Game Center. Then start Skyforge again using Steam, and you will be logged in with your Steam account.

How can I log into the Sf.my.com website?
Click the Login button in the top right of the website to open the login popup. In the Login Popup make sure you click the Steam Icon in the lower right corner. This will open a Steam authorization page. 

Please first verify you’re logged into the proper account you wish to access Skyforge, then click the "Sign In" button:

Why are unlocking classes via Steam cheaper than the PS4 version?
Some of the adjustments made to the Skyforge PlayStation 4 version involved the way that classes are unlocked. The reason behind this decision was to improve the overall game experience for our players. Another adjustment we made was to the (In-Game) process when purchasing classes along with the prices compared to the PC and PlayStation 4 version.  

Can I purchase packages from the Sf.My.com website?
Absolutely! To do so, open the Skyforge application from your Steam library and click on the respective banner/article within the launcher. This will redirect you to the Sf.My.com website while using your Steam account to purchase any of our offers with your Steam Wallet.

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Skyforge: Steam Questions & Answers

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