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"Berserk": overview and issues with weekly missions

Dear Players!

On 20.06.2019, all players who had purchased access to the Global Operation "Berserk" will get access to weekly missions.
First thing you will be required to do is to pick a class, for which you will be gaining rewards in the event. Please consider your options carefully, as it will not be possible to change the class once picked.

Missions are divided into two categories: weekly and daily.

I. Weekly missions get unlocked by subsequent blocks. The are 12 of them in total. Each block consists of 10 missions of varying difficulty - from easy to nightmare. Only the players who had purchased full access to the Global Operation can complete weekly missions. There is no need to start each mission in the block separately - once the block is unlocked, all missions begin to get counted. In order to receive the reward from the mission block, you need to complete all 10 missions. For completing missions themselves, you will be receiving experience points, personal crates and Battle Points.

Mission also can be separated in two other categories based on the way the can be completed:
1. Cumulative missions can be completed within several matches/missions, until you fulfill the needed requirements.
2. Single-match missions must be completed within a single battle. If you did not complete such a mission during a single PvP match/PvE mission, you will have to start from the beginning.

All missions with similar conditions can be completed simultaneously, given that the corresponding block is unlocked.

II. Daily missions are given to players upon the first login on the event promo-page on any given day. Each day a player can receive one mission. Received mission will remain active until completed - it cannot be canceled.

If you have completed a mission, you will receive a new one only upon the first login on the promo-page on the next day. Unless you do that, no new mission will be given.
You can find your daily mission in the main menu of the "Berserk" page.

For completing daily missions you earn some experience points.

Daily missions are available to all participants of the Global Operation, weekly missions can be completed only by players who have purchased full access to the "Berserk". More details on what's available with Trial Access can be found in the following article.

Things to keep in mind while completing missions:

- If there is a class requirement, the mission must be completed when playing only as the specified class, without changing it during the match/mission.

- Unless specifically mentioned, PvE missions can only be completed in the default Co-Op PvE mode. Any progress made in Special Operations will not be counted.

- Missions that, according to the conditions, must be performed in Special Operations of a specific difficulty, can only be completed in Special Operations that have this exact difficulty available for choice. They can not be performed in the Special Operations such as "The HQ" or Special Operations of the "Cold Peak" (Spearhead, Ambush, Zenith, Marathon).

- For PvP missions, progress is counted only for Quickstart and Rating matches. Private rooms can be used to complete PvE missions.

- Any match (PvP/PvE) must be completed correctly, i.e. with either victory or defeat. In case of leaving a match prematurely, due to any reason (including a connection loss), progress will not be counted.


Q: Can I skip a mission?
A: You can, but to do that you will need to spend Battle Points. You can use Battle Points to skip one mission, or the whole block. Please note that cost to skip a mission varies depending on the difficulty level.

Q: How log does it take for progress to get counted?
A: Approximate time is up to 3 hours.

Q: Where can I find the rewards for completed missions?
A: All rewards are added to the Inventory tab of the Services page.

Q: Do I need to claim the rewards after completing a mission?
A: No, all rewards are transferred to your inventory automatically.

Q: How to unlock block 2/3/4?
A: Blocks are unlocked automatically each week, unlock are dates provided under each block.

Q: Do missions from previous weeks become inactive once the new week begins?
A: No, missions from all the unlocked weeks can be completed until the end of the Global Operation.

If you experience issues with the progress of weekly missions, please create a ticket from the current support article.

If issues are experienced with the daily missions, please use the corresponding article.

If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.

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"Berserk": overview and issues with weekly missions

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